“Deliciously deranged… a head-spinning performance.”

The New York Times

“It’s crazy hilarious.”

Time Out NY

“Shakespeare has never met Hollywood so entertainingly before.”

British Theatre Guide

“So demented a concept… it actually works.”

NY Post

Mr. Carl, who bears a resemblance to a young Mr. Busey, is always in complete control as he races through this out-of-control performance, relating the action of “Hamlet” with the aid of paper dolls and video projections. He and the director, Michole Biancosino, know just how far to let things run off the rails before bringing Mr. Carl back on point by having him deliver some actual Shakespeare, which he does trippingly. It’s a head-spinning performance.

Critic's Pick (4 Stars)

Carl’s 80-minute solo is as much stupid fun as its title suggests. Employing paper puppets (bearing the actor’s face, of course) and interactive video, Carl, a man who can confidently place “Gary Busey Impersonator” at the top of his CVand director Michole Biancosino take us on a psychotic ride through the tragedy’s five acts. It’s crazy hilarious..

Mr. Carl renders “Hamlet” as he imagines Mr. Busey might — unhinged and full of detours to the film star’s movies and personal grievances. With songs and homemade puppets – anything could happen!

Written by David Carl (after Shakespeare)
Co-Created and Directed by Michole Biancosino


as part of SHAKESPEARE 400 Celebration

July 12-17th 2016

Chicago Shakespeare Theatre

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